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We offer you different solutions for your special needs. For different possibilities to generate electricity in urban areas

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GridParity UrbanPV

 UrbanPV is a concept that initially arose from the need to generate renewable electricity in residential areas, predominantly on sealed surfaces. In other words, in areas where 77% of the German population lives and works and where the demand for electricity is constantly growing due to the imperative need to replace fossil fuels (for transport and air conditioning). 

The advantages of such decentralized PV power plants lie in the mostly direct use of the generated electricity, which can be directly integrated into the grids without long lines. 

PV Integration in Public Places

urban scape_5 - Photo_edited.jpg
urban scape_1 - Photo_edited.jpg

PV parking spaces for aesthetic car shading with efficient charging technology

1_8 - Photo (2)_edited.jpg
carport_7 - Photo_edited.jpg

Shading of pedestrian walkways 

2_4 - Photo (1)_edited.jpg

PV integration in bus station and on rooftop terraces

bus stop (2)_edited.jpg
roof garden panel design (4)_edited.jpg

PV shaded market

2_3 - Photo (3)_edited.jpg
2_3 - Photo (2)_edited.jpg

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