EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) of PV power plants

Grid parity is possible through efficiently built and cost-effective PV power plants. GridParity is working on this task and has developed a power plant concept that consistently focuses on high-quality double glass modules and best of class components. The bifacial modules (page 18) can achieve electricity production costs below $ 0.05 under favorable conditions.

A further increase in performance can be achieved if the modules are mounted on the tracker newly developed by GridParity. With additional costs of only about 5% of the total costs of a power plant), yield increases of on average 25% (and significantly more) can be achieved.

We are planing, designing and implementing your solar energy projects. We start with a client consultation, site assessment, and financial assessment, which helps us to understand the project's context. Then we design an appropriate plan that takes all relevant factors into account. We will give report on the efficiency, costs, and safety of the project. 

We work with the following computer programs to create the designs and testing photovoltaic systems: PV Syst and Helios 3D



Among others the following key components

Will be sourced in our worldwide network of 

Quality suppliers:

  • ramming piles or other foundation

  • structure for mounting modules

  • PV modules (poly, mono, bifacial)

  • Earthing/lightning protection

  • DC and AC and MV cables

  • Inverter (string or central)

  • MV transformer

  • monitoring and security system


Among others the following main tasks will be executed

  • Piling (ramming works)

  • Trenching and manholes

  • Civil works middle voltage transformer basement

  • Substructure assembly

  • Module mounting, cabling, connection inverter

  • Inverters mounting, cabling, connection transformer

  • Middle voltage transformer mounting

  • Connection to middle voltage grid

  • Connection of metering/monitoring/security system

EPC for PV Power Plants


Reference Projects (selection)

Seelfeld, Germany (3 MW)

About 30 km southwest of the Bavarian capital Munich, the Solarpark Seefeld was built on 8.2 hectares formerly agricultural area. The plant supplies about 3 MWp of electricity, enough for 874 households. The solar park saves just under 3,400 tonnes of CO2 every year.

Location: Seelfeld, Bavaria in Germany

Land area: 8,2 ha

Number of modules: 16.956

Plant type: Photovoltaic - open space plant

Top performance: 2.912 kWp

yield: 3.018.685 KWh / year

Performance Ratio (PR): 82 %

CO2 savings: 3.418 t / year

Corresponds to the energy requirement of: 

874 households

Laudenbach, Germany (3.5 MW)

The solar power plant Laudenbach near Würzburg was built on a 9.3 hectare former, low yielding farmland. The facility is located on the Englertsberg between Laudenbach and Duttenbrunn. The power plant has a performance of 3.5 MWp. The solar power plant Laudenbach is the second largest power plant for solar power in the district of Main-Spessart. It covers the energy needs of 968 households and saves about 3,800 tons of CO2 annually.

Location: Laudenbach, Bavaria in Germany

Land area: 9,3 ha

Number of modules: 20.088

Plant type: Photovoltaic - open space plant

Top performance: 3.496 kWp

yield: 3.342.176 KWh / year

Performance Ratio (PR): 82 %

CO2 savings: 3.785 t/ / year

Corresponds to the energy requirement of: 

968 households

Droyßig, Germany (3.5 MW)

The solar power plant Droyßig near the middle Naumburg was built on a 5,6 hectare, unused conversion area. The generated electricity is fed into the network of envia. The 1.7 MWp plant covers the energy needs of about 480 houses. The construction of the solar park on a contaminated conversion area could result in a sensible use of this property.

Location: Droyßig, Saxony-Anhalt

Land area: 5,6 ha

Number of modules: 9.792

Plant type: Photovoltaic - open space plant

Top performance: 1.713 KWp

yield: 1.642.998 kWh / year

Performance Ratio (PR): 82 %

CO2 savings: 1.860 t/ / year

Corresponds to the energy requirement of: 

476 households


We are an innovative company in the sector of photovoltaics and self-sufficient energy systems, based in Munich. With the help of our flexible self-assembly kits, we want to make home-electric power supply easy and accessible for everyone. Let us convince you of our energy-efficient products.

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