Advantages of GridParity Modules


• Certified according to EN12600 for overhead mounting

• Resistant to extreme weather conditions (no micro cracks in backsheet, moisture can't enter modules)

• Long lifetime (life time +50 years, extended performance warranty of 30 years)

• Transparency / aesthetic design (no frame or backsheet foil)

• Outstanding low light performance (through anti-reflective nano-coating technology) 


• Lower module temperature -> higher output


• Low weight (12 kg/m2)


• Fire resistant (no hotspots, no melting backsheets -> glass doesn't burn)


• Remarkable stability (certified to withstand 2400 Pa wind load and 5400 snow load)

car on module
no micro cracks

After 100 cycle bending test, no micro cracks observed

All GridParity modules are walkable and even a car can drive over our glass-glass modules without leaving a damage.