Glass technology

2 mm tempered solar glass with extremely durable anti-reflective coating

2 mm physically tempered solar glass

POE (polyolefin encapsulant)

solar cell

POE (polyolefin encapsulant)

2 mm physically tempered solar glass

• Light weight: two only 2 mm thin sheets of glass, 12 kg/m²

• High reliability through tempered glass back instead of plastic backsheet

Extreme durability through Hi-tec tempering and lamination process comparable to windshields of cars

• Highest wind load > 2400 Pa and snow load > 5400 Pa

• Best performance at very high temperatures - proven in long-term Damp Heat (DH) simulation (see figure below)

our bending test exposes hidden errors and microcracks

*DH = Damp Heat Cycle Test to simulate aging of modules


We are an innovative company in the sector of photovoltaics and self-sufficient energy systems, based in Munich. With the help of our flexible self-assembly kits, we want to make home-electric power supply easy and accessible for everyone. Let us convince you of our energy-efficient products.

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