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High Performance Inverter and Batteries

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Find out more about the different Inverters and chose your favorite. 

String Inverter

String Inverter

Hybrid Inverter

New black-start capable hybrid inverter​

This system makes consumption and purchase optimization from the public grid possible even for small plants. The "zero feed-in" function is also possible. (Anti-feed-in function). This makes it possible, for example, to operate a 100kWp system for self-consumption even if the grid operator only allows a 20kWp system. The connection of a power generator or a wind turbine is possible without any problems. So a permanent operation even in bad weather without public grid is possible. Sensitive consumers (e.g. electronics) can also be operated with the help of the Hybrid Inverter on a conventional (gasoline, diesel, gas) generator, which can otherwise lead to the destruction of the electronics.

We offer you the following Hybrid Inverters: 

  • AFORE Hybrid Inverter 3 kW (ArtNo: WAH03)

  • AFORE Hybrid Inverter 6 kW (ArtNo: WAH06)

  • AFORE Hybrid Inverter 10 kW (ArtNo: WAH10)

  • AFORE Hybrid Inverter 20 kW (ArtNo: WAH20)

  • AFORE Smartmeter (ArtNo: Z5100)

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Black start is the start-up of an electrical supply unit independently of the mains. Conventional battery systems (contrary to popular belief) do not operate without a mains supply. They need a mains around 50 Hz plus the applied voltage of 230VAC frequency and are not suitable as emergency power systems. Our new systems provide almost uninterrupted switching in less than 10 milliseconds. They therefore meet the criteria for UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

Suitable battery systems

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The Force H2 is the latest version of High voltage battery storage system provided by Pylontech. 
The newly designed system provides easy connector to save valuable time for installaters.

We offer you the following batteries: 

  • PYLONTECH Battery up to 7 kWh (ArtNo: BP007)

  • PYLONTECH Battery up to 11 kWh (ArtNo: BP011)

  • PYLONTECH Battery up to 14 kWh (ArtNo: BP014)

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