transparent PV Modules for aesthetic design!

GridParity Parking areas

Find the right size for your covered parking area!
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Steel Structure

Construction Steel with welded connections.

Two Support Combinations with extra stable screws.

Material Protection

Standard Steel Protection are 2 layers of paint:

1. Rust primer

2. Rust protection

3. Polyuretan finish: RAL 7043

Optional: Hot zinc coating with 12 years guarantee

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Optional expandable

All basic systems offered by us can be extended by optimized connection parts. It is also possible to change the orientation of the carports. 

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Easy mounting without crane

Simple connection of the individual steel girders through pre-drilled holes and optimized screw connections.

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Stable Support with Screws

The supports have optimized integrated footrests that keep the carport stable even without anchoring. However, after aligning the carport, it should be anchored to the foundation with appropriate screws for safety in the ground.

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Optimal arrangement of the support profiles

Our supports are at the right position: From static point of view fo optimum hold but also when getting in and out of the car.

Watertight Module Mounting

For more information of the module mounting

click here.

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Individual Design

Personalize your carport!

Let your employees and customers know to whom they owe this innovative parking and loading facility.

Lettering available on request in different colours and designs!